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Church services on-line (Covid-19)

Developments timeline in Spalding area following restrictions in response to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic including temporary closure of church buildings:

Covid-19 update, 19 July 2021 - Update from the CofE website: 'Following the lifting of the majority of legal restrictions, guidance and documentation have been updated and streamlined. Non-current documents are still available for reference'

Covid-19 update, 14 June 2021 - Update from the CofE website: '...Thankfully church buildings remain open for public worship and prayer. While we look forward to restrictions on worship being lifted in the near future, I will continue to press for ongoing appraisal of choral and congregational singing.  We will also update our guidance on public worship where necessary in light of today’s announcement and I understand that the Business Committee of the General Synod will be looking at options for the planned July meeting of Synod in the next few days. The Prime Minister’s comments about lifting the limit of 30 people attending weddings will be a relief to many. We will await the detail from the Government about what it means in practice and will update our guidance to churches accordingly.'

Covid-19 update, 20 May 2021 - Update from the CofE website: 'The changes in guidance which come into effect today represent a relatively modest step along the road of easing restrictions affecting places of worship in common with many other public places'.  More detail:

Covid-19 update, 26 March 2021 - via +Sarah Mullally on Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter celebrations 'From Palm Sunday, congregations will be able to sing in the church grounds, and a small group of singers may now sing indoors'; more from the CofE website

Covid-19 update, 20 January 2021 - Lent, Holy Week and Easter celebrations in line with current regulations from the CofE website

Covid-19 update, 5 January 2021 - public worship may continue and church buildings may remain open for private prayer in line with current regulations.  Further info:

Church of England update, 8 December, 21 December, 30 December
Includes details on singing in church and the churchyard, nativity plays, changes to Tier 4 and more

Thursday 26 November: Tier 3 update

The Health Secretary has announced that all of Lincolnshire will be in Tier 3. This is the guidance from the government

"places of worship remain open, but you must not attend with or socialise with anyone outside of your household or support bubble while you are there, unless a legal exemption applies

weddings and funerals can go ahead with restrictions on the number of attendees – 15 people can attend wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions are not allowed, 30 people can attend funeral ceremonies, 15 people can attend linked commemorative events"

This confirms that we will resume Sunday worship on 6 December. We will, though, need to ask people not to socialise after church.

Monday 23 November: New government guidance from 2 December
'The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, has welcomed the publication of the Government's Covid-19 Winter Plan, detailing that places of worship will be permitted to reopen for public worship from 2nd December.
Bishop Sarah, who Chairs the Church of England's Recovery Group, said: "We are encouraged by the confirmation that places of worship will soon be able to reopen for public worship in all tiers and in all parts of the country.
"Churches and cathedrals can now approach Advent and Christmas with more certainty; a time when we know many people will look forward to attending services celebrating the birth of Jesus.
"We await more detailed guidance and will update our own advice once this is published."

Saturday 31 October: New government guidance from 5 November
Places of Worship will be closed, unless they are being used for:
* Funerals
* To broadcast acts of worship
* Individual prayer
* Formal childcare or where part of a school
* Essential voluntary and public services, such as blood donation or food banks
* Other exempted activities such as some support groups

Sunday 11 October: Broad Street Methodist resumed previous service patterns with their informal service at 9:00am in the hall with activities for children and the ten o'clock service returns to 10:30am

Monday 5 October: Many Methodist churches resumed public worship in recent weeks, some weekly, some fortnightly, some on Sundays, some on other days; local arrangements and details from the South Holland Methodist Circuit (Circuit Plan updated for October)
Tuesday 22 September: 'Following the announcement by the Prime Minister of new measures to limit the spread of coronavirus, the Church of England is continuing to engage with Government departments to review advice to churches. The Prime Minister emphasised that we can draw comfort from the fact that places of worship as well as schools and businesses are staying open.
'We note the change from a maximum of 30 attending weddings to a maximum of 15 from Monday September 28.' With thanks to St Mary & St Nicolas and others; click image (28/9) to open in new window

Wednesday 9 September: Following the government's changes to numbers able to meet together 'socially', churches have sought clarity and advise that congregations may continue to meet for worship.

Sunday services in Spalding in August, September and October:
Please check with individual churches direct for late changes.  All due apologies for errors or omissions; italics = awaiting confirmation
Broad Street Methodist (FB): digital service; doors open around 9:30am with the service following some half hour later
Calvary Baptist (FB): open, public service at 10:30am
Friends Meeting House (Quakers): open, public meeting at 10:30am
Harvest Church (FB): services online
Lighthouse (FB): phased re-opening from 5/7; Sunday worship livestream online during transition for 11:30am open, public service
South Holland Community Church (FB - private group): date for reopening awaited
Spalding Baptist (FB): date for doors opening awaited; Sunday services continue online from 10:00am
Spalding United Reformed Church (FB): open, public service at 10:30am with guest preachers
St John the Baptist (FB - public; FB - private group): open, public service at 10:00am
St Mary & St Nicolas (FB): open, public service at 10:30am; readings and sermon available in advance online; the recording of the service has been made available later
The Immaculate Conception & St Norbert (FB): book places at 11:00am Mass (and midweek Masses) in advance direct with the church; most Sunday & midweek Masses available livestream
St Paul's (FB): open, public service at 9:15am

Week commencing 6 July pattern of midweek online services:
Mondays: Morning Prayer, Moulton & Whaplode (FB) until 19/8
Tuesdays: Devotion, Lighthouse (FB
Wednesdays: Reflection: St Mary & St Nicolas (FB); Morning Prayer, Moulton & Whaplode (FB) until 19/8
Thursdays: Devotion, Lighthouse (FB)
Fridays: Prayers via Zoom, Sutton St James Baptist (FB)
Mass, livestream, almost daily: The Immaculate Conception & St Norbert (FB); please check this week's dates and book places in advance direct with the church
Links and further events on our Facebook page for Hope4Spalding

Church re-openingsfollowing government guidelines, some churches are opening their doors midweek for personal, private prayer, some from 15 June 2020 and worship from 4 July 2020; collated lists for Spalding and surrounding villages available on our News page

Church services online pattern over recent weeks (to 1/6):
Daily: devotions from Lighthouse church; St Mary & St Nicolas added some forward-dated audio recordings for daily Morning Prayer on their YouTube channel
Almost daily: Mass from St Norbert's, livestream
Monday: morning prayer from All Saints Moulton/St Mary's Whaplode (until 19/8)
Wednesday: midweek reflections from St Mary & St Nicolas; morning prayer from All Saints Moulton/St Mary's Whaplode* (*until 19/8)
Friday: Midday prayers via Zoom led by Sutton St James Baptist Church
Sunday: Services, reflections, livestream and pre-recorded

Links on this page, also on our News 2020 page and our Hope4Spalding Facebook page
Pentecost Sunday
, 31 May: livestream and pre-recorded services are being presented from inside some churches in accordance with changes to government guidelines; news of daily offices of Morning Prayer to be led in the open air in some churchyards

Snapshot: Pentecost Sunday around the area as seen on Facebook; interactive map with links to church websites and Facebook pages; apologies for errors and omissions - please contact us to add/amend/edit etc

Church closures update following PM statement 10 May (updated 13 May):

Baptist Union: 'the situation for churches in the UK remains unchanged' - further details on their webpage

Catholic Conference of Bishops: 'The timing and the manner of the opening of churches touches profound sensitivities and spiritual needs. The Government’s document and statements fail to recognise this'

Church of EnglandWe strongly support the Government’s approach of continuing to suppress the transmission of the virus and accordingly, we recognise that at this time public worship cannot return in the interests of public health and safety.

United Reformed ChurchIn light of recent statements from the Prime Minister, and from the devolved governments in Wales and Scotland, the United Reformed Church holds to the position that all church buildings should remain closed except for the provision of essential services (foodbanks, addiction recovery groups, etc) or for one person to attend in order to record or livestream worship
Churches Together in All Lincolnshire: Presidents' statement (click image, right, to view)
CTBI Holy Week
 joint statement (6 April) also available from CTBI

Church of England update and FAQ (25 March) Further clarity, updates and extensive FAQ

Roman Catholic, 25 March: all churches must close (Diocese of Westminster)

Live-stream and recorded services (updated 21 April):
Spalding churches offering on-line worship services, sermons, devotions and messages, pauses for thought and similar:

Harvest Church (FB) using Zoom
St John the Baptist (FB - public; FB - private group)

Churches in surrounding towns and villages offering on-line services include (updated 9 April):
Baston, Langtoft & Thurlby - The Ness Group (FB)
Long Sutton (Baptist) (FB)
Moulton, Whaplode (FB)
Pinchbeck (FB), Surfleet (FB) & West Pinchbeck (FBThe Glen Group (usually current week only)
Sutterton, St Mary's (FB) using Zoom
Sutton St James - Baptist (FB)

Churches using Facebook for updates and brief messages in addition to their websites (updated 7 April) 
Gosberton (FB), Gosberton Clough (FB) & Quadring (FB) The Gosberton Group
Old Roman Catholic Church, Gosberton (FB)
Pincbeck Baptist (FB)

Churches with YouTube channel (updated 21 April; includes churches using other platforms for video) Baston, Langtoft & Thurlby - The Ness Group (FB) Long Sutton (Baptist) (FB) Moulton, Whaplode (FB) (YouTube - various: 1 2 ) St John the Baptist (FB - public; FB - private group) Pinchbeck (FB), Surfleet (FB) & West Pinchbeck (FBThe Glen Group (current week only) Sutton St James - Baptist (FB)

Lincoln Diocese letter and poster announcing buildings closure (24/3)

(Note: as at 24/3, there were conflicting messages concerning use of church buildings for live-stream or recordings - since clarified by diocese)
National Call to Prayer
Presidents of Churches Together in England have issued a call to prayer in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is for all churches and people of prayer to join on Sunday 22 March, Mothering Sunday.  Full text via CTE / article

Methodist update, 23 March: "The Methodist Church is announcing a closure of all its church buildings. The only exception will be for churches that offer essential social outreach like foodbanks, soup kitchens and night shelters, but these must be carried out within Government guidelines" (District website)
22 March
Most churches 
have closed doors to public worship following Government guidance; some are offering alternatives including live-streaming an act of worship

Lighthouse Church: Live-streaming services

Spalding Baptist, 19 March: Sunday services being live-streamed

Harvest Church: meeting suspended

SHCC South Holland Community Church, 19 March: services suspended

Roman Catholic, 18 March:
Churches remain open; suspension of public celebration of Mass (YouTube); St Norbert's live-streaming Mass

Methodist Circuit, 18 March:
Churches open with prayer cards/pointers while formal services are suspended:
Sundays 10:30am - 11:30am at Gosberton and Holbeach
Tuesdays 10:30am - 11:30am at Broad Street

Broad Street Methodist, 17 March:
Services are suspended for now along with Tuesday coffee mornings  FB

Lighthouse Project, 17 March:
Various changes, see FB

Spalding United Reformed Church, 17 March: Worship at Spalding URC is cancelled until further notice

Calvary Baptist: services to be live-streamed (22/3)

Glen Group: services suspended in Anglican and Baptist churches in Pinchbeck, Surfleet and West Pinchbeck

Gosberton Group: services suspended in Anglican, Baptist and Methodist churches in Gosberton area and Quadring

Please check directly with surrounding town and village churches; weblinks available

Coronavirus Covid-19 update - Church of England 17 March 2020
"In light of the Government guidance around non-essential contact, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued advice that public worship is suspended until further notice.
Churches should be open where possible but with no public worship services taking place. Prayers can be said by clergy and ministers on behalf of everyone and churches should consider ways of sharing this with the wider community.

Coronavirus updates to 16 March 2020
Please check with individual churches for further information

Calvary Chapel (FB): Sunday services only, midweek cancelled
Quakers/Friends: 'Meeting for worship continues until advised not to'
Lighthouse (FB): 'Meetings continue' (12 March)
Spalding Baptist (FB): Link to Baptist Together website
St John the Baptist (FB - public; FB - private group): Follow NHS & Lincoln Diocese guidelines
The Immaculate Conception & St Norbert (FB): Precautions and changes on News sheet

Apologies for errors and omissions; please contact us with further updates

Moulton Chapel Village Parade on Sunday 3 May has been cancelled (16/3) (FB)

St Mary's, Long Sutton Flower Festival postponed to September (16/3).  Listing on this website updated (17/3)

Further postponements on the Flower Festival page

CTSD Lent series has been cancelled due to concerns over Coronavirus COVID-19 (16/3).  Talks have been uploaded to the Baptist church website

This prayer was written by Rev Frances Ballantyne (16/3):
Father God, we are aware of our global connections at this time, and our common togetherness as we face this virus in all our communities.
We pray for all peoples at this time, it’s a prayer  for strength , compassion and understanding as we all face  disruption to  our usual patterns of lifestyle.
Help us all to be aware of our neighbours, to be aware of our own well being, and to suffer with those fearful of their livelihoods and anxious in uncertain times.
We pray for your peace as you offer peace that passes all understanding. May we rest in the present, with the power of your  presence.  In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.