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Christmas 2017
 from local churches and brief CTSD council meeting notes & links

Christmas services listing and downloadable brochure available on this website

Thursday 16 November: Council meeting at Broad Street Methodist, doors opened for prayer from 7:00pm; agenda included: Street Pastors (prayer pastors), CAP Centre manager, Christian Aid loose change update, Financial report, Lent, Palm Sunday Good Friday & Pentecost 2018, CTSD year of mission Hope 2018, Christmas services, AGM & meetings in 2018, CT Boston and the RoadHoG bus (March 2018 tbc)
Wednesday 6 September
 Council meeting at Broad Street Methodist, open for prayer from 7:00pm; agenda included a welcome to Phil Lawrence (HCS), Young peoples needs, Secretary, Preacher exchange 8 October, (and forward date 21 January 2018), CTSD Year of Mission 2018 -  website and Facebook page, next leaders' lunch, Christian Aid loose change fortnight in October (and URC Coffee Morning) and Street Pastors

Tuesday 4 JulyCTSD Council meeting: St Mary & St Nicolas cancelled (1/7/2017)

Lent Lectures programme and brief summaries available

Flower Festivals 2017
Flower Festivals
listing available for local church flower and craft festivals from April to September. Posters and pictures also available

26 February6:00pm Alternative service initiated at St John's

12 February: Lighthouse Church moves to two morning services (9:00am and 11:30am) with refreshments from 10:30am

5 February: Spalding Baptist are to be blessed with a new Minister, Rev Paul Wheeler

3 January: Volunteer police chaplains needed to work with the Police Chaplain; further details from CTAL

2017 CTSD council meetings:
Thursday 26 January: AGM Spalding Baptist
Wednesday 15 March: St Thomas’s Road
Monday 8 May: Lighthouse
Tuesday 4 July: St Mary & St Nicolas
Wednesday 6 September: Broad Street Methodist
Thursday 16 November: Broad Street (venue change from St Norbert's, 10/11)

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Monday 8 May
CTSD Council meeting at Lighthouse, open for prayer from 7:00pm; agenda included 
Thy Kingdom Come (May-June), Spalding town council campaign, Christian Aid week, Hustings, St Paul's future options, Harvest church changesPentecost 2017 (and poster), CTSD Year of Mission 2018, CTSD website update (suggestions for improvements and corrections always welcome, including Easter & Christmas brochures), review of Lent Lectures, Palm Sunday & Good Friday  

services listing and brochure available
(last updated 10 April)

ednesday 15 MarchCTSD council meeting at St Thomas's Road Methodist - open for prayer from 7:00pm in advance of 7:30pm start; agenda included Lent 2017, Palm Sunday and Good Friday, Spalding town council campaign, Community Connectors (M&N report)CTSD Year of Mission 2018, East European links (see also Jubilee in Grantham), Christian Aid WeekEaster church services

Thursday 26 JanuaryAGM at Spalding Baptist; agenda included reports on Christian Aid and Street Pastors, appointment of officers.
AGM was followed by a council meeting; agenda included Thy Kingdom Come (May-June) and Pentecost together at Spalding Baptist, Lent 2017 (7:30pm on Mondays from 6/3 at Broad Street), Palm Sunday and Good FridaySpalding town council campaignSpace4U, CTSD Year of Mission 2018, future donations by CTSD, Autumn Preacher exchange on 8 October, East European links and the Year of Mercy (Vatican weblink) - further services in the hospital faith room welcome
18-25 January
Week of Prayer for Christian UnityCrossing BarriersCTBI resources

Sunday 22 January, preacher exchange; more on our January Diary page
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