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Christmas services
: listing of services, events and concerts remains available on this website

Wednesday 12 November
, 7:30pm: CTSD Meeting, St Mary & St Nicolas. Agenda included: Emma Fawcett (L) of Samaritan's Purse on the inspiring impact of Shoe Boxes across the world, Thought for the Week, Lighthouse (deferred), Finance, Christian Aid (increased loose change collection & Just Giving link exploration)Street Pastors, Lent talks 2015Palm Sunday 2015 with Jon Conrathe + Healing for You evening (YouTube, YouTube & UCB interview, Mission 24), Day of prayer (1 November), Chamber of Commerce/Tourism Working Group & church listings brochures, Spalding Churches Emergency Help Fund, 60th anniversary, Networking (deferred), Spalding Rotary Community Awareness Fund (see 18/2/15and 2015 meetings

Tuesday 16 September
, 7:30pm: CTSD, Lighthouse; guest Rev William Ruddle, (commissioning in October; first Chaplaincy Newlsetter available for download at the foot of this page).  Agenda included: Thought for the Week, Finance, Christian Aid (Just Giving link to be explored), CTSD 60th anniversary serviceStreet Pastors  - AGM report (pictures available)Palm Sunday 2015 with Jon Conrathe + Healing service at Spalding Grammar school, Day of prayer (1 November), Chamber of Commerce/Tourism Working Group & church listings brochures, Spalding Churches Emergency Help Fund - existing works to be collated, Preacher Exchange 'lite' 19 October & 'full' 25 January, Christmas Services web listing, Bible Sunday, Lent Talks 2015

Thursday 3 July
, 7:30pm: CTSD, Spalding Baptist.  Agenda included: Finance, Christian AidStreet Pastors update & AGM (9 Sept, poster available), Palm Sunday 2015 with Jon Conrathe + Healing service venue, Day of prayer (1 November, details to be finalised), Chamber of Commerce/Tourism, Spalding Churches Emergency Help Fund, CTSD 60th anniversary and archivesChilli Children, possible reintroduction of CTSD Advent service and 40 days of prayer between Easter Day and Pentecost, LCS local Chaplain for Commerce sector, Rev William Ruddle (from 1/9/14, announced 1/8), Lifeskills initiative (IW), Lent Lectures 2015 working group, Prayer cover during CTSD meetings, Media links, Lighthouse Project developments.

Wednesday 7 May, 7:30pm: CTSD, St Thomas's Road Methodist.
Agenda included: Agape Care food bank and drop in café with Irene Davis, report on Springfield Festival and Tulipmania, Finance, Christian Aid weekStreet Pastors, report on Lent Lectures and Preacher Exchange for 19 October 2014 and 18 January 2015, Palm Sunday 2014 & 2015 with Jon Conrathe + Healing service, Chamber of Commerce/Tourism/Flower Festivals & Discover Lincolnshire weekend, Spalding Churches Emergency Help Fund, CTSD 60th anniversary, Day of prayer (list of Methodist/ecumenical monthly prayer meetings), Rev Alan Barker - CTAL Prayer Pilgrimages, Prayer cover, Pentecost at St John's school, new presenters welcome at Tulip Radio.  Next meeting: 
 3/7 Spalding Baptist

Flower Festivals 2014: full listing, map and locally produced brochure all available on this website, along with pictures of the festivals as they happened with further pics on Facebook

Good Friday, 18 April: ecumenical and local church service details available on this website

CTSD Lent Lectures, Mondays from 10 March, kindly hosted and recorded by Spalding Baptist; A5 flyer available for download on the Lent Lectures page of this website

Church Flower Festivals listing and downloads now available (5/2)

18-25 JanuaryWeek of Prayer for Christian UnityCTBI theme: 'Is Christ divided?'  A list of united services is available on the January Diary page.
(Pictured, right: Preacher exchange at St John the Baptist with David Curran celebrating, Robert Sheard sharing God's word and Steve Binns leading the service)

60th anniversary
: pictures, contributors, scripture references, further brief notes, the service sheet and more from the celebration on Sunday 19 October 2014 at Spalding Grammar School are available on this website.

2015 Flower Festival brochures were made available for distribution from December 2014; listing also available on this website.

aturday 1 November, 10am-7pm:
Day of Prayer for the wider church, Broad Street Methodist.
Drop in at any time, stay a while or pray all day. 
Pictures, posters flyers available

Saturday 13 September, 7:30pm: Amazing Grace by the Saltmine Theatre Company at the South Holland Centre, PE11 1SS

God TV has appointed Justin Bloomfield as regional representative for the East of England, based in north Hertfordshire; stand at Equip, 4 October, Lincoln

Wednesday 28 May: Representatives from the community and local agencies agreed to establish a FoodBank for Sutton Bridge; more info from St Matthew's 

Wednesday 28 May, 10:00am: Spalding Chamber of Commerce Tourism Working Group (pictured: Bob Earl summarising small group findings)

11-17 May:
Christian Aid week; local collections.

Thanks to Judi Perry for this picture of Lincolnshire church leaders

CTAL Prayer Pilgrimage met at St Thomas's Road Methodist church at 7:30pm, Wednesday 9 April, en route from Bardney, via Sempringham, to Crowland 

Street Pastors info meeting, Saturday 15 March, 3:00pm at the Lighthouse church (PE11 2XP) for all interested in finding out more or joining the various teams - streets, prayer

Thursday 11 March, 7:30pm: CTSD, St John's.  Agenda included: Clergy chair, Finance, Christian Aid weekStreet PastorsLent Lectures and next Preacher Exchange for 19 October, Palm Sunday (and posters2014 &2015CTAL Prayer Pilgrimages (inc, locally, 7-10 April), Chamber of Commerce/Tourism/Flower Festivals & Discover Lincolnshire weekendCTSD 60th anniversary, Tulip Radio Springfield Festival & Tulipmania 3/4 May, Day of prayer, Rock the Musical, SHCC developments, Equip

Thursday 9 January, 7:30pm: CTSD AGM, St Paul's.  Agenda included: formal welcome to Rev Tony Kinnersley and Pinchbeck Baptist, Nightstop, Finance, Christian Aid update plus notice of supporters meeting on 3 March and soup lunch on Burundi on 14 MarchStreet Pastors, Preacher Exchange for 19 JanuaryLent lectures, Palm Sunday and Good Friday 2014 & 2015, Pentecost 2014, Chamber of Commerce/Tourism/Flower Festivals, Clergy Chair, Emergency Help Fund and Lincolnshire Chaplaincy Services community chaplain for Boston

CTSD Council meetings 2014 (11/3 St John's, 7/5 St Thomas's Road Methodist, 3/7 Spalding Baptist, 16/9 Lighthouse & 12/11 M&N).  Brief notes from previous CTSD Council meetings are available on the 2013 News page; further News Archives also available
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