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Showing that Christians love one another is borne out in many ways, not least through the workings of the Anglican - Methodist Covenant, an opportunity for deeper appreciation and recognition of God at work through these two mainstream Christian denominations.

The Covenant proposal has been discussed in open public meetings and again by Circuit and Deanery meetings during 2003, with key issues being thrashed out to develop understanding and gain consensus wherever possible. For example, the term "True Church" has been used for the first time in recognising the validity of each denomination. Some issues such as the recognition of the Eucharist are subject to denominational rules which will continue to prevent celebrant exchanges for the time being. In the meantime the Covenant builds on the good already in place and advances the movement towards greater unity.

Signing the National Covenant: 1 November 2003
This key event began at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, at 11.00 when the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the President, Vice President and Secretary of the Methodist Conference signed the Covenant on behalf of their churches before an invited assembly. The ceremony continued at Westminster Abbey with a short service of thanksgiving and dedication.

The Covenant in Spalding
A brochure was produced following the signing of the Covenant in 1996.
Churches Together in Spalding was established in 1991.
The 2004 Covenant signed by subscribing member churches is available.