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1 John the Belovèd

2 March, 7:30pm: John the belovèd
Lent 2020

Introduced by Diane Clay, speaker Steve Weatherly-Barton asked "Who was the Belovèd Disciple?"

Offering two parts - 'complicated' and 'simple' - Steve drew on texts from St John's gospel including 1.8, 13.21-25, 15.15, 19.25-27, 20.1-8, 21.1-7, 21.20-24.

He highlighted the closeness of the relationship between Jesus and the disciple Jesus loved John 13.23 (KJV) and noted that the same word is used in John 1.18 'No-one hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.' (KJV)

Listen to the full talk on The Belovèd Disciple, recorded with thanks to Spalding Baptist 

When I survey (Celtic melody), You chose the cross (Martyn Layzell, YouTube) and Meekness and Majesty were sung.

Copyright: sadly, much of the content of the talk and the projection slides were from versions of the Bible which are copyrighted.