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Flower Festivals 2020

Flower, Crafts and Arts Festivals
 across the area listed by date along with a map of locationsAll apologies for errors and omissions - please let us know any errors or edits - thank you.  You may wish to check with individual churches direct for any changes and ticket availability and prices where appropriate.  [Italics on autumn events = awaiting confirmation]
Most entries below are based on details with the leaflet (collated by Robert Molson), published February 2020.

Changes, postponements and cancellations in line with Coronavirus Covid-19 precautions are being added to this listing as and when advised by individual churches.

20 March 2020: this weblisting updated and re-ordered; Flower Festivals now listed in three main parts:
Flower Festivals in chronological order (updated 23 March)
Festivals later this year (as advised at 16 March; updated 15 June)
Postponements and cancellations (originally awaiting new dates; flower festivals were cancelled in 2020)

of many of previous floral festivals - and this year's posters, where available - on: 

Weblinks also include Facebook (FB) pages

Flower Festivals this springtime in chronological order

Saturdays & Sundays 8 & 9, 15 & 16, 22 & 23 February, 10-3pm: Snowdrop Walks at St Mary's, Whaplode FB

The Prime Minister's address to the nation, 8:30pm, Monday 23 March (BBC News) announced that places of worship must close immediately.  Accordingly, details for the festivals planned for April/May have been moved to the section below 'Postponements and cancellations'

Festivals later in the year - all dates awaiting confirmation

Sutton St James Baptist, PE12 0EE/PE12 0EF: 'Favourite Bible Stories' cancelled
Friday 10 - Sunday 12 July with Five Star Songs of Praise service, Sunday at 3:30pm, available via FB

St Matthews, Sutton Bridge, PE12 9SA: 'Back to school'
Thursday 16 - Monday 20 July FB

St Mary MagdaleneGedney, PE12 0BU 'Curtain Up'
Thursday 23 - Sunday 26 July

Croyland Abbey, Crowland, PE6 0EN Flower Festival: 'The Natural World'
Friday 28 - Monday 31 August FB

St Nicholas, Lutton, PE12 9HP/PE12 9LQ: 'Inns and Taverns'
Friday 28 - Monday 31 August

Gosberton Baptist, PE11 4NP: 'Ups and Downs: Hills and Valleys in the Bible'
Saturday 29 - Monday 31 August FB

St Maryʼs, Long Sutton, PE12 9JJ: 'The Life and Times of St Mary's' - celebrating their 850th anniversary
(postponed from April/May to September, then postponed to 2021) FB

Pinchbeck Baptist, PE11 3RA, Flower Festival: 'God's Creation'
Saturday 12 - Monday 14 September (FB)

St Mary Magdalene, Fleet, PE12 8NN (ACNY): 'To God be the glory'
Friday 25 - Monday 27 September

Spalding group of parishes: 'A Celebration of Harvest' - cancelled (1/7)
Friday 2 - Sunday 4 October
St Mary & St Nicolas, The Vista, PE11 2RA (on foot: PE11 2PB) FB
St John's, Hawthorn Bank, PE11 1JQ FB
St Paul's, Holbeach Road, PE11 2HY FB

Postponements and cancellations (awaiting new dates, original dates in grey)
Revision history: this image of the original listing up to 16 March 2020 prior to Coronavirus Covid-19 precautions resulting in postponements and cancellations

St Mary and the Holy Rood, Donington, PE11 4UA (ACNY): 'VE Day' cancelled (23/3)
Saturday 25 April - Sunday 3 May; Friday 24 April, Coningsby Military Wives Choir

St Maryʼs, Pinchbeck, PE11 3UA (car park/brochure PE11 3UD/PE11 3UG): 'And I think to myself, what a wonderful world' - indefinitely postponed, further details awaited (22/3)
Saturday 25 April - Sunday 3 May; Saturday 2 May, 7:30pm: Stamford G&S players, £12  FB

All Saints, Moulton, PE12 6QB: 'Through the Decades'
Saturday 25 April - Monday 4 May FB - postponed, further details awaited (21/3)

St Laurence Church, Surfleet, PE11 4AB: 'Pastimes'
Saturday 25 April - Sunday 3 May FB

St Maryʼs, Long Sutton, PE12 9JJ: 'The Life and Times of St Mary's' - celebrating their 850th anniversary
Saturday 25 April - Monday 3 May postponed to September and then cancelled (September magazine) FB

St Maryʼs, Sutterton, PE20 2JH: 'Scarecrows visit London'
Saturday 25 April - Sunday 3 May FB

St Peter & St Paul, Gosberton, PE11 4EW: 'We go together' postponed to 2021
Saturday 25 April - Sunday 3 May FB

St Peter & St Paul, Wigtoft: Flower and Craft Festival: theme awaited
Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 April and Saturday 2 - Monday 3 May tbc

St Bartholomew's, West Pinchbeck, PE11 3QG: 'A Festival of Flowers'
Wednesday 29 April - Monday 4 May; Friday at 7:00pm - Festival of Praise with congregation's choice of favourite hymns; refreshments FB

Moulton Chapel Methodist ChurchPE12 0XR (near PE12 0XQ): 'Significant achievements over the last 40 years'
Thursday 30 April - Monday 4 May - expected to be cancelled, details awaited
The Village Parade on Sunday 3 May was cancelled (16/3) FB

Gosberton Methodist Church, PE11 4NQ: 'Biblical Superheroes'
Thursday 30 April - Monday 4 May, 10am - 5pm with 'Songs of Praise' service at 6:00pm on Sunday 3 May 

Sutterton Methodist, PE20 2EX: Favourite Hymns
Friday 1 May - Monday 4 May with Flower Festival service at 6:00pm on Sunday 3 May

All Saints, Holbeach, PE12 7LL (near PE12 7DT): 'A Question of Sport'
Friday 22 - Monday 25 May FB

St Mary's, Whaplode, PE12 6TE: 'VE Day - Before and After'
Friday 22 - Monday 25 May FB
St James, Moulton Chapel, PE12 0XQ/PE12 0XL: 'A Festival of Flowers'
Thursday 30 April - Monday 4 May
The Village Parade on Sunday 3 May was cancelled (16/3) FB

Fleet Baptist, PE12 8LL: 'Numbers in our Bibles' (Cancelled)
Friday 1 - Monday 4 May
Sunday 3 May, Festival Songs of Praise service, 4:00pm

St John the Evangelist, Weston Hills, PE12 6DQ (near PE12 6DS): theme awaited
Saturday 2 - Sunday 3 May and Friday 8 - Saturday 9 May

Croyland Abbey, Crowland, PE6 0EN (Craft Fair)
Friday 8 May, 10-4  FB

Sutton St James the GreaterPE12 0EE/PE12 0EF: 'The Musicals'
Friday 8 - Monday 11 May

Flower Festivals in previous years
Details awaited for 2020

St Michael and All AngelsUffington, PE9 4SU: Flower Festival tba FB

St Polycarp's, Holbeach Drove, PE12 0SF: Flower festival tba

St Peter & St Paul, Wigtoft: Garden Club Flower Festival for Harvest

St Laurence Church, Surfleet, PE11 4AB: Exhibition of Art and Harvest Festival FB

St Maryʼs, WestonPE12 6HU (near PE12 6RA):

Ss Peter & PaulKirtonPE20 1HX (near PE20 1EH):