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Welcome to our listing of church services and events from 
Maundy Thursday to Easter as notified or published by local churches (to 27/3); all apologies for errors and omissions - you may wish to check latest details with the church. Downloadable brochure available at the foot of this page.

Ecumenical events are shown in bold type; entries in italics awaiting confirmation / edits

Maundy Thursday, 29 March

10:45am: Holy Communion, Holbeach Methodist
7:00pm: Holy Communion, Gosberton Baptist
7:00pm: Maundy Thursday supper, Gosberton Methodist
7:00pm: Maundy Thursday, St Mary & St Nicolas
7:00pm: Free churches communion at Broad Street Methodist
7:30pm: Maundy Thursday service with stripping of the altar, St John's
7:30pm: Holy Communion, Ss Peter & Paul, Gosberton
7:30pm: Mass of the Lord's Supper (English & Polish community); watching before the Blessed Sacrament until 10pm, St Norbert's

Good Friday, 30 March

9:00am: Stations of the Cross, St John's
10:00am: Churches Together walk of witnessSpalding; leaving St Mary & St Nicolas church and St Thomas's Road Methodist church 
converging together for an Open Air Service in Hall Place at 10:30am; refreshments afterwards at Spalding United Reformed Church (and also for service if wet). Downloadable pdf poster at the foot of this page
10:00am: Communion service, Pinchbeck Baptist
10:00am: Children's Way of the Cross, St Norbert's
10:30am: Readings and reflections, Bicker Methodist
10:30am: Readings and reflections, Holbeach Methodist
10:30am: Walk of Witness leaves Gosberton parish church
10:30am: Hot Cross buns, St Bartholomew's, West Pinchbeck
11:00am: Stations of the Cross, St Bartholomew's, West Pinchbeck
11:00am: Ecumenical Walk of Witness from Crowland Abbey, ending at Trinity bridge followed by refreshments at Crowland Methodist
11:30am: Good Friday Worship, Lighthouse

2:00pm: The Last Hour, St John's

2:00pm: Good Friday Vigil, St Laurence's, Surfleet
2:00pm: Good Friday communion at the cross, St Mary & St Nicolas
2:00pm: Good Friday at Deeping St Nicholas
2:00pm: Good Friday reflection, St Paul's
2:00pm: Readings and reflections, Sutterton Methodist

3:00pm: Service of the Cross, St Gilbert & St Hugh, Gosberton Clough
3:00pm: Solemn Proclamation of the Passion, St Norbert's

8:00pm: Taizé service, Prayers around the cross at St John's

Easter Eve, Saturday 15 April

10:00am: Easter coffee morning, Moulton Chapel Methodist
7:00pm: Easter Eve service, St Bartholomew's, West Pinchbeck
8:00pm: Service of Light and Easter Vigil (English and Polish), St Norbert's

Easter Day, Resurrection Sunday, 16 April

8:00am: Holy Communion, St John's
8:00am: Holy Communion, St Margaret's, Quadring
8:00am: Holy Communion, St Mary & St Nicolas
8:00am: Holy Communion, Ss Peter & Paul, Gosberton
8:00am: Mass, St Norbert's

9:00am: Easter Communion, Sutterton Methodist
9:10am: All Age Easter Eucharist, St Laurence's, Surfleet
9:15am: Easter Communion, St Paul's
9:30am: Easter Sunday at Deeping St Nicholas, followed by children's egg hunt
9:30am: Family communion, St Mary & St Nicolas

10:00am: Easter Family Service, Broad Street Methodist
10:00am: Holy Communion, Ss Peter & Paul, Gosberton 
10:30am: Meeting for Worship, Friends' Meeting House
10:30am: Easter Praise, Gosberton Baptist
10:30am: Easter Communion, Gosberton Methodist
10:30am: Easter worship, Gosberton Clough Methodist
10:30am: Harvest Church at Monks House scout hut
10:30am: Easter Communion, united service with Moulton at Holbeach Methodist
10:30am: Holy Communion, Moulton Chapel Methodist
10:30am: Easter celebration with baptisms, Pinchbeck Baptist
10:30am: Easter celebration, South Holland Community ChurchAyscoughfee Hall School, PE11 2TE
10:30am: Easter morning, Spalding Baptist
10:30am: Easter Communion, Spalding United Reformed Church
10:30am: Easter Sunday Eucharist joint service with West Pinchbeck at St Mary's, Pinchbeck
10:45am: Easter Communion, St John's

11:00am: Baptism service, Calvary Baptist
11:00am: Parish Eucharist, St Mary & St Nicolas
11:00am: Mass, St Norbert's
11:30am: Easter Sunday Worship, Lighthouse

1:00pm: Mass (Polish), St Norbert's

2:30pm: Holy Communion, Lutton Marsh Methodist

4:00pm: Evensong, St John's

6:00pm: Communion, Bicker Methodist
6:00pm: Evening Prayer, Ss Peter & Paul, Gosberton
6:30pm: Worship, Holbeach Methodist
6:30pm: Evening service, Pinchbeck Baptist
6:30pm: Easter praise, Spalding Baptist
6:30pm: Evensong, St Mary & St Nicolas

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