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Sunday 15 May
Pentecost SundayCTSD service at Broad Street Methodist

The congregations of the churches in the district around Spalding were welcomed by Rev Alan Barker to this year's ecumenical celebration.  Kevin Taylor presided over the service.

The musicians of Spalding Baptist church lead the hymns O God of burning cleansing flame, He is the Lord, Bind us together, Be still, Breathe on me breath of God and All over the world.

Kevin Taylor introduced Irene Davies, Marion Sandhu and Rev David Curran who spoke of the ministries Agapecare, Street Pastors and Christian Aid.

Passages from the Bible were read by:

Rev Robert Sheard (Acts 1.1-5 & 2.1-4), and

David Taylor (John 16.12-15) (far left)

Church leaders added their signatures to the renewed Covenant and the address was given by Rev Ian Walters

Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession were led by Chas Sandhu and Capt Paul Whiteley.

Displays by the ecumenical ministries under the Churches Together in Spalding and District umbrella included:

Agapecare foodbank

Christian Aid, including these Christian Aid week collecting boxes (left)