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Flower Festivals

Royal Wedding
Church Flower Festivals across the area included displays on marriage and live big screen viewings of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine.

A selection of displays from 2011 include 'Marriage' at Broad Street Methodist (left) and the twin screen viewing of the Royal Wedding at St Paul's (right).

St Norbert's displays, freshly after completion of the cleaning following the fire, included 'Heart speaks to heart' beneath the figure of John Henry Newman.

Music appeared as a theme or a display in various places; here showing St Mary & St Nicolas church and an ecumenical offering entitled the Wesley Brothers at Spalding United Reformed Church. 

Spalding URC featured well known people down the ages, including this representation of Isaac Newton - with apples.

This display of a painting of flowers was seen at Broad Street Methodist.

The theme of marriage was expanded at St Paul's with displays on honesty (R), loyalty, togetherness and sharing, forgiveness and communication. 

The displays at St Lawrence, Surfleet, illustrated the whole year in the church and community, including the Summer (L)