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Churches Together in Spalding & District. (CTSD)

The Vision for just10 2010

Most people have heard of the Ten Commandments, God’s basic instructions for our lives that, when followed, help us live in freedom every day. These core principles are designed to equip and guide us through life, keeping us on the right path, and helping us navigate through the tough times.  

But are they really relevant to us today?

J.John has been teaching the Ten Commandments for the past ten years in a way that clearly applies to our lives today. For example, it’s easy to believe that the Commandment ‘You must not murder’ is one that we will have no trouble keeping. However, in the New Testament, Jesus teaches us that this Commandment expands to cover anger and is the real focus of this message.

“ just10 unpacks the Ten Commandments in a way which people can relate to.”

 At its meeting on Thursday 20th May 2010 CTSD representatives (11 churches were represented at the meeting) unanimously passed a motion to encourage churches across the district to work together on a proposal to take a just10 Spalding mission forward. The desire is that all churches are able to join together in this excellent opportunity for mission.  During the meetings questions were raised about how we might approach this ecumenically and the following things were touched on:

 The emphasis would be on Friendship Evangelism with individual church members bringing friends and family along with them.

 In relation to follow up for the unchurched, where an individual has attended the series with a member of a church or has been invited by an individual church follow up and discipleship would be that church’s privilege. If someone has come along independently information would be given to that person as to the wonderful mix of churches available in the district. 

 It was made clear that response to the questions raised did not pre – empt the work of the Mission Team but seemed to be a common sense approach as to a way we can work together for the sake of our communities. CTSD would also like to make it clear that no previous discussions have taken place prior to their meeting so no individual church is ahead of the game when it comes to process.

 Any church that wants to join others in this mission is encouraged to contact Alison Combes CTSD Secretary as soon as possible. 

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