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TV screens

Big screen projection: St Paul's, Spalding, explored two equipment options for the projection of the Royal Wedding on a big screen:

* 3G mobile wifi ('mifi) receiver to receive iPlayer live through the internet.  3G mifi receiver and wifi enabled computer/Mac running the BBC iPlayer.  On the day of the Royal Wedding 2011, the BBC iPlayer service struggled to cope with the demand. 

* Either analogue or Freeview TV aerial on temporary low level mast, existing set top box, video player or TV from the home of a member of the congregation; the choice used by many

Suitable projector and screen set in a dark / south west corner of the church/community hall to minimise sunshine on the screen; care also to ensure viewers are not blinded by sun rays

A suitable sound amplification system set near the screen with all cables laid safely

TV licence: exemption details