The council of Churches Together in Spalding and District is chaired by a member of the clergy along with a member of the laity.

Clergy chair: Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton (March 2014)
Lay Chair: vacancy
Secretary: Carol Grief (12 November 2018)
Treasurer: Clive Bourne
Christian Aid organiser: Penny Adams
Publicity Officer: vacancy.  In addition to adding details/poster of your church event to your church website and to CTSD/Hope4Spalding, please also keep the local press informed.

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Previous clergy chairs:
Rev Ian Walters (March 2014 - January 2017) (shared with Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton)
Rev Anthony Walker (2011 - 2014)
Rev Jenny Park (2008? - 2011)

Previous lay chairs:
Bob Earl (October 2013 - January 2018)
Christine Smith (2008? - 2013)