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The churches around Gosberton and included within CTSD; see also the Googlemap

o Gosberton, St Peter & St Paul Church, Westhorpe Road, Gosberton PE11 4EW

o Quadring, St Margaret's Church, Church End, Quadring PE11 4SQ

o Gosberton Clough, St Hugh & St Gilbert Church, Clough Road, Gosberton Clough PE11 4JR

o Gosberton Methodist, Salem Street, Gosberton PE11 4NQ

o Gosberton Risegate Methodist, Risegate Road, Gosberton PE11 4EY

o Gosberton Clough Methodist, Gosberton Clough, PE11 4JN

o Gosberton Baptist, Spalding Road, Gosberton PE11 4NP