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Elloe East

Churches Together in Elloe East
 including churches in the area, apologies for errors and omissions.

See also the Googlemap with church locations and links across the region and All Saints Holbeach Deanery page.  Previous linked pages included: A Church Near You Deanery map and Diocesan webpage
⦿ Fleet, Baptist church

Gedney Dawsmere,

⦿ HolbeachAll Saints 

⦿ Holbeach, Holy Trinity RC

⦿ Long Sutton, Baptist 

⦿ Long SuttonSt Mary's

⦿ Sutton Bridge, Bridge church at the Curlew Centre (see also King's Centre, King's Lynn)

⦿ Sutton BridgeSt Matthew's

⦿ Sutton St James Baptist church

⦿ WhaplodeSt Mary's 

⦿ Whaplode Methodist church (closed, 2014)

More details awaited (December 2020)

Elloe East Anglican Deanery webpage lists these churches:
All Saints: Moulton
St James; Moulton Chapel
St John: Holbeach Fen
St Mary: Whaplode
St Luke: Holbeach Hurn
St Mark: Holbeach
St Mary Magdalene: Gedney
St Mary Magdalene: Fleet
St John the Baptist: Whaplode Drove
Holy Trinity: Gedney Hill
St Polycarp, Gedney Hill/Holbeach Drove End
St James: Sutton St James
St Edmund: Sutton St Edmund
St Mary: Long Sutton
Christ Church: Gedney Drove
St Nicholas: Lutton
St Matthew: Sutton Bridge
St Mary: Tydd St Mary