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Christian churches in Spalding
listed alphabetically, starting with subscribing members of CTSD.

Coronavirus Covid-19 update - Church of England 17 March 2020
"In light of the Government guidance around non-essential contact, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued advice that public worship is suspended until further notice.
Churches should be open where possible but with no public worship services taking place."  Service times to 16 March 2020 shown in grey italics, pre-lockdown; most churches have reopened in August and September.  This page last updated on 1/9/2020 with times of open, public worship in church.

Changes from 5 November: churches only open for private prayer, funerals and other specifics
See also our 2020 News and Church services online pages

CTSD also delights in the fellowship and support of churches in the villages of the Glen Group and Gosberton
Italics = details awaiting confirmation
Postcodes are provided for Sat Nav use, not as postal addresses.  The Googlemap pinpoints the main door for each church
Broad Street Methodist c, PE11 1TB
Sundays (from 11/10 to 1 November):
9:00am informal service; children's activities
10:30am service

During lockdown from 5 November: digital service at 10:00am

Induction loop, ramp access, disabled toilet; Church Hall adjoining
Tuesday, 10:00am: Coffee & Age UK Help desk
Tuesday, 10:00am: Ecumenical Bible study (term time)
Tuesday, 10:45am: Shoppers service
Deeping St Nicholas, PE11 3ET
See also: Deepings churches and St John the Baptist, Hawthorn Bank
Flower festival alternate years
ACNY 14581
Harvest Church, Spalding 
c, have met at 'The Umbrella', Westlode Street, PE11 2AE
10:30am worship via Zoom

Ramp and disabled toilet

Launch: 13/12/2015; joined CTSD 12/1/2016 (FB); move to 'The Umbrella' 1 March 2020; moved online from the start of Covid 19 lockdown
Lighthouse Pentecostal 
c, PE11 2XP
Sundays - please book in advance (30/8):
9:00am & 11:30am - further details awaited (5/11)
(Refreshments 10:30am-11:30am
Full children's and youth programs for both services)

See also the AgapeCare (FB) for local Food Bank and Lighthouse Project shop and furniture store (FB)

Mums & Toddlers: 10-11.30am on Wednesdays & Fridays; 6:00pm Thursday: Superclub for 5-11
Fridays: 3:30-5pm RAW after schools club for 11-16; Livewire café 5-6pm for 11-18 and Livewire youth club 6-9pm for 11-18
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 
, PE11 2AQ 
10:30am Meeting for worship - 5/11 lockdown details awaited

Back garden: PE11 2AA
South Holland Community Church 
cAyscoughfee School, PE11 2TE
10:30am - lockdown details awaited
Meetings in the foyer at Ayscoughfee School, London Road, PE11 2TE
Refreshments from 10:15am
See also: Ground Level
Spalding Baptist
 c, PE11 1BT
Livestream from 10:00am (Gen-Z) and service at 10:30am
0-18, crèche, music group, Brigade, Scouts, Guides; occasional Messy Church 
Founded in 1646, modernised narthex in 2005
Induction loop, ramp, disabled toilet
Church hall adjoining (FB)
Spalding United Reformed Church
 c, PE11 1QF
10:30am from 19/7 to 1/11
During lockdown from 5 November: no services in church; online details awaited
Second Sunday: All Age
Fourth Sunday: Communion
Coffee after services
Ages: 0-18, Junior Church including Crèche
4-18, Boys & Girls Brigades (Parade: four times a year)
11-25, FURY 
Induction loop, ramp, disabled toilet; Church Hall adjoining, room hire
1821 Grade II, stained glass, organ, one of the very few UK non-conformist churches with a crypt
Wednesdays: Prayer/discussion group;
Craft group, walking group, choir, Saturday Coffee, Women's Friendship League, monthly lunch.
Monday Boys Brigade; Tuesday lunches, alternate Tuesdays Prayer meeting, Tuesday Girls Brigade 6:00pm; Saturday coffee morning at 10:00am (FB)
St John the Baptist
 c, PE11 1JQ
During lockdown from 5 November: details to follow
8:00am (first and third Sundays from July 2019 - 23 March 2020)
10:00am (from 12/7 - 4/11; service times changed in July 2019, All age on first Sunday)

Induction loop, ramp, disabled toilet; Church Lounge adjoining
Tuesday, 10:00am: coffee; Thursday, 10:00am: Communion
St Mary & St Nicolas
 c, PE11 2PB, Vista car park: PE11 2RA
Sundays: 10:30am from 5 July 2020 to 5 November
During lockdown from 5 November: details to follow
9:30am ('Worship for all' on first Sunday)
11:00am Parish Eucharist
Wednesday: 10:00am Holy Communion
Church Hall
CTSD Millennium Bible
1284 replacing earlier church near the Priory, Stained glass, Organ, 8 bells, Restoration by Sir George Gilbert Scott
ACNY 7357 (FB)
The Immaculate Conception & St Norbert
 , PE11 2XX
Sundays: 11:00am Mass livestream
10:00am (livestream only)

Monday: 9:30am; Tuesday 8:00am; Wednesday 6:00pm; Thursday 9:30am; Friday 9:30am
9:00am followed by confessions; 4:30pm vigil Mass; 6:30pm, Polish Mass
Induction loop, ramp, disabled toilet; live stream 
Parish Centre Hall adjoining
St Paul, Fulney
 c, PE11 2HY
Lockdown from 5 November: details awaited  
first, third & fifth: Morning Prayer or Communion when a priest is available
second & fourth:   Holy Communion
Midweek: 9:30am Holy Communion (first Wednesdays)
Induction loop, ramp; Church Hall
The last church, school room and vicarage designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott

⦿ Calvary BaptistPE11 1LZ
10:30am livestream
Wednesday: 10-11:30 Tea/Coffee Morning 7:00pm Bible Study
Thursday: 10-11:30 Mothers & Toddlers Group
Not affiliated to Churches Together; see also

† Subscribing members of Churches Together in Spalding
Covenant churches in Spalding; 2016 Covenant

Not affiliated to Churches Together:
Kingsgate, understood to be meeting in house groups