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Christmas 2018
From our
News page: notes and links from this year's CTSD council meetings plus a growing list of Christmas services and downloadable brochure

Street Pastors
There's more on Spalding Street Pastors and the 2018 Year of Mission across Spalding via www.Hope4Spalding.org.uk.

Diary pages include events and Flower Festivals as notified by churches

The Archives include snippets since 1954, a continually growing listing of events past and present from the Diary pages and a page on the CTSD 60th anniversary.

Privacy & GDPR policy and webpage in preparation (9/5/2018)

Church links across the area are included for the benefit of the wider community, both members of Churches Together in Spalding and District or other affiliations.
The Googlemap of church locations across the area is now available within the Church Listings page.


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